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The KN Baton Challenge is an Olympic-themed volunteering project, led by a group of Kuehne + Nagel colleagues who started working together on a leadership training program. 

This global project, which launched on 12 February 2014, saw the baton begin its journey in the United Kingdom. It passed through 105 countries in which Kuehne + Nagel operates and arrive in Brazil for the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics. 

The baton was transported via road, rail, air and sea freight; using Kuehne + Nagel's global network. Each hosting country held the baton for a week, during which charitable and community projects took place. Local KN colleagues in each country worked with their selected charitable and community projects to complete amazing events. 

All KN employees from over the country annually gather at one place to connect with one another and to cultivate the happier team, have fun together, relax and recharge the energy.

Is enjoyable event with food and drink, music and fun activities for children of all ages. Our KN kids have the opportunity to see how KN adults are working and learn from that. It will also help to make families feel welcome on various activities, and encourage staffs to come together in a relaxed, healthy and supportive social environment. 

An occasion to review the efforts through out the year and kick-off a new year. 

One of the recent Year End Event’s activities, employees enjoy best shopper game. This event shows company’s appreciation to employees for their contribution by giving gifts to all employees to welcome a new year.

A spontaneous activity within Kuehne + Nagel community.

Join us and discover your + today!

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In Kuehne + Nagel Vietnam, we offer opportunities where you can grow your expertise and shape processes and innovative solutions. We are continuously growing our global network and our product portfolio, which creates career opportunities in different fields of work worldwide.

We are committed to deliver high quality solutions to our customers and are proud to be a strong leader in the logistics industry.


Take the opportunity to join us for your internship or thesis. You will gain a real insight into a truly global organization and learn about the high complexity of logistics processes and services at a very early stage in your professional life

"I already worked in offices of Kühne + Nagel before, but this was the most interesting one so far. It was quite open, light and everyone had short ways; either to their supervisors or to colleagues. Both groups warmly welcomed me and gave me two projects with different teams for the whole time-frame of my internship- obviously with the trust, to change things, if there might be new advantages - which is untypically flexible for a world-leader in a special economical sector. We had international influences from all over the world, e.g. beginning with a French manager, a Turkish supervisor, US-American and Korean colleagues up to various European interns, all cooperating together." Jan- Eric Stender said.

Truc Bui who is now Sales Support Executive in Kuehne + Nagel, Vietnam: “It was such a valuable learning experience during my Internship in Kuehne-Nagel and I have never been more challenged and more satisfied. I highly appreciate supportive spirit and positive attitude through the way everybody inspires each other and willing to listen to any questions or concerns you might have even you are a new comer or you have worked here for a long time or no matter where those problems come from. In additional, working in an International company, I have fulfilled my experience and skills day by day through learning from many different helpful working ways, how to adapt to new cultures, new knowledge and approach with modern global system. 

Applying for Internship and coming back after graduation are the best decision that I have ever made till now and would highly recommend Kuehne-Nagel is one of the greatest working environment for everyone"


Whether you are interested in an operational role, in integrated supply chain processes or in functional areas like HR, IT or many more – KN offers various opportunities worldwide to start and grow your career.


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